Skycut V48 Cutting Plotter

1. 2000G cutting force which can cut hard materials easily without any trouble.

2. Repeat after repeat function which avoids the time of commanding again and again.

3. Wide cutting space which can cut large things easily.

4. Large stand facility which gives you the option of working in standing position.

5. High Reflective material cutting which can cut materials with marks too.

1. Large touch screen function which helps you to work o cutter easily and provide commands of cutting without facing any trouble throughout the process.

2. Multi-supportive interface like USB, WIFI, hard drive, cable facility etc. which add an alternative for connecting the cutting plotter with computer or pc.

3. V48 gives you an additional benefit of cutting 3M diamond cutting reflective films which can be in mass demand during various festive seasons.

4. Large stand facility which makes you comfortable while working on a plotter for any flexes, banners, large posters or wide covering materials.


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